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Bridgewater State University - Adrian Tinsley Program (ATP)
Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Grants
Melting Back into Society
A Photographic Documentary of Women Veterans

As you walk down the streets of your city or town every day, you see her there – a woman who is a business manager, health care worker, or any number of other skilled professionals.

You think that she probably is someone's mother, daughter, sister, or girlfriend, and you would be right.

But what you probably do not realize is that she also is, or has been, someone's commanding officer, wingman, heavy equipment operator, or supply clerk.

She is a woman veteran.

To the amazing women who have blessed me to be able to create this work of art, you are forever ingrained in my heart.  You have helped to bring a dream to reality.    If it were not for you ladies, I would not have been able to accomplish this feat. You ladies are more than just a service women, you are my sisters-in-arms

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