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    This project honors and celebrates women service members and their various identities.  Utilizing my professional experience within the veterans' community and my photography skills, I worked with women service members, documenting their lives while in the service to their current-day accomplishments. I interviewed and photographed them in their homes or places of work. I met with them, established relationships, and shared fellowship with them.

    Often people would hold assumptions about what a veteran looks like.  As a Marine Corps veteran, people would see the military emblem on my vehicle or clothing and say, "Please thank your husband for his service."  Yet, when I correct them, they say, "You don't look like a Marine."  

    Realizing that other women have experienced the same treatment fueled my desire to document and bring their stories to life.    Through this work, it is my goal to challenge society to see through their perceptions of what a women veteran looks like and does. 

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